4 Benefits to having a Freelancer on your Team

Updated: Feb 10

Freelancing has been able to greatly change how companies and workers operate. This has especially been impacted by the world’s need to quickly make adjustments after the COVID-19 pandemic. An Upwork study has reported that two million workers have started freelancing in the last twelve months. Even though freelancing has drastically increased in popularity, NPR illustrates that many workers are turning to freelance out of necessity. This is due to recent unpredictability in the job market. The rise of the gig economy has also led to an increase in freelance workers. Gig economies include economies where skilled workers are able to market their skills on sites. Through the development of the gig economy, companies are now able to complete tasks with freelancers without having to spend time and money during the hiring process.

They are specialized and talented.

Many skilled workers are turning to freelancing due to the aspect of flexibility. Freelancers are often specialists in a particular area. Due to a company’s ability to access remote workers from anywhere, they can now hire freelancers that are specialists in various fields of work. Freelancers have a range of experiences that set them apart, and they have developed their skills previously through other projects. Freelancing now makes hiring the best talent far more accessible for different types of employers. The freelancing field is quickly gaining many experienced workers. Companies should consider hiring freelancers because it would allow them to access available talent quickly. Many younger people are also choosing not to work in corporate, but their specific skills are still required by many companies. When a company is missing an expert that they need for a project, a freelancer allows them to bring on someone briefly to complete a specific task. Employers will eventually build a network of freelancers that they can reach out to when they need a particular skill.

They can save money.

Freelancers can often save employers money based on salary and also not having to provide certain company perks that would be given to a 9 to 5 employee. They are short term employees, so these benefits are not required. Through limiting these costs, companies can save for their budget and further invest into their own company. Time can even be saved by hiring a freelancer. Many freelancers are skilled in their field, so companies can save time that would’ve been spent training a full-time employee. Freelancers are often only utilized when their specific expertise is needed. Space is also something to consider, as freelancers work from home and usually will not require the use of office space. All of these aspects mean that employers do not have to worry as much about the financial impact of hiring freelancers in comparison to the impact of hiring full time employees.

  • They help get work done faster.

Freelancers are known to be hardworking and efficient due to their expertise in their particular field. This equates to them getting their work done in a reasonable time. Hiring freelancers also means that a company’s time is not wasted hiring and training a full time employee. Freelancers also benefit a company by being able to manage themselves. There are tasks that need to be completed within a company that do not require constant management. If a company is concerned about meeting a certain deadline, it would also be smart to consider hiring a freelancer instead of using so much time training a full time employee. Companies that find themselves faced with multiple projects that need completing will find freelancers beneficial because they can be hired only when needed. When companies only need workers for specific projects, hiring a freelancer really does save time. If hired employees are finding it difficult to complete the everyday requirements in a company, freelancing is a great option. Hiring skilled freelancers will overall lead to increased productivity.

  • They can increase company competitiveness.

Hiring freelancers ultimately increases the competitiveness of a company due to them being able to quickly execute projects. If a company chooses not to hire freelancers, they might limit their potential for progress. Freelancing can lead to the anticipated growth that a company expects. It even leads to company growth without the employers having to put forth a lot more effort. Due to the demand for freelancers that has recently developed, many highly skilled workers are turning to freelancing rather than working full time for a company. This means that it is beneficial for companies to consider freelancers if they want to increase their competitiveness by hiring a worker that is an expert in their field. By hiring freelancers, companies focus more attention to their main goals and the most important aspects of company success. Through allowing others to be a part of an organization, companies can increase their profit, productivity, and competitiveness in comparison to businesses that choose not to hire specialized freelancers.

Hiring freelancers can be extremely beneficial for companies based on the

reasons mentioned above. Freelancers can help companies save money and time and increase overall competitiveness. There are also many outlets available for hiring and researching freelancers with different skills. Based on this information, companies should greatly consider using various online resources to easily hire freelancers.

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